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Lambchop & Hands Off Cuba

Take that pollsters!

In my intro government class last semester, I remember noting how popular Obama is with people my age, and that could really tip the balance in this election. My prof said that we are one of the least voting groups, and definitley the least voting age bracket, and the likelihood of that happening was slim. Pollsters still discredited the significance of the youth vote, marking Obama and McCain as neck and neck. Well…….


I bet on every (liberal) college campus there were gatherings like the one we had last night on the quad. I don’t think I’ve sang the god damn Star Spangled Banner since second grade when I had to memorize it for the spring concert (I forgot most of the lyrics last night but I just kinda wailed a lot and I think it worked).

nuclear war with music

“Sarah Palin New Breed of Feminist of the 21st Century”

I title this what I did because it was the first link that appeared when I googled a soundbyte of Sarah Palin in her acceptance speech for the candidacy. The blog post was long and the logic circumvented what I believe Feminism to be; the belief that men and women are equal. I can attest to the fact that the soundbyte I googled was feminist,

“…That this is America, and every woman can walk through every door of opportunity…”

Simple, yes, but there’s a lot of underlying implications in this rhetoric, and a subtle kind of instigation about the feminine experience.

1. There’s obviously a huge range of opinions about this but I believe that most people are conscious on some level of their position of privilege or inherent advantage. And I also believe that those in positions of advantage experience guilt as a way to compensate for the injustice they benefit from; i.e. If I feel bad about it then I’m not a bad person. I think guilt is an effective vehicle of changing someone’s opinion, and Palin is referencing that she’s a woman to arouse this guilt that there still is this institutionalized sexism which has prevented a woman from being vice pres. Honestly, if anyone heard that quote and read it as “yeah, women have all the opportunities men do and can take advantage of them to the degree that men do,” then Palin really doesn’t need to mention what she did to them. No, the quote was targeted to men who are aware of their advantages and think that voting for a woman would be an act of philanthropy for women to make up for their otherwise lack of feminist action.

2. When Hillary dropped out from the race and gender was no longer really an element of debate – only men remained – the Republican party recognized the newly unclaimed demographic they hoped to herd in: women. Being a woman I know that subordinate social groups (women, racial minorities, LGBTO) tend to identify with other subordinate social groups and are empathetic towards them. Granted, there’s a huge group of very conservative people in the US, men and women. But to add a woman to the ticket is a strategic move that I think, for its intention, was very smart. She is a symbol of an era passed, “family values” i.e. a patriarchal-believing woman, Ann Coulter, women can be ignorant as long as they’ve got a dude to lead them in the direction of righteousness. I’m losing my train of thought.

Nuclear War REDONE

My initial concept started focusing on our perception of reality and how digital media has changed it. I had a tough time trying to conceptualize how to convey this in the format we were told to use. I decided to start with the nuclear missle photo Iran photoshopped then sent to the American press. I proceeded to use images about nuclear warfare to highlight how the prospect of nuclear war makes us act, overreact really. I wanted to highlight how something as harmless as photoshop can instill such a fear in us.

So far, I’ve learned a lot about how to focus a topic using free writes, concept maps, and trial and error. Actually having to assemble the project became the greatest litmus test of my concept; my original concept seemed fesible until I began trying to put it together. My real breakthrough was the idea of using the Iran missle launch photo. Once I had this idea in mind, I found tons of versions of the picture online posted as comments on political blogs. Initially I thought appropriation would be more difficult than rendering images that were all my own, but in the end my video is much more visually impacting with such variations in images. Also, there are thousands of works of art online about nuclear war (who knew? Photos with gas masks are by far the most popular.)

I use a lot of bricolage in my personal art – I make collages using found objects, magazine images, etc, and I draw pictures using motifs I’ve found in other artwork. I used to think of this as plagarism, but the Dadaists loved bricolage, so did Picasso. In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to create an entirely original image. Lots of contemporary artists reference other artists, cultural iconography, mass media, corporate logos. The line between bricolage and plagarism is very thin. In fact, I don’t know where it’s drawn.

Talkin about, yeah, nuclear war, yeah